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Ali Gul Pir Wedding / Marriage Picture Photos

Posted in Sorry SMS by smsxone on July 26, 2015

Ali Gul Pir became famous overnight when he gave us the comical hit song Waderai Ka Beta. Ali’s catchy lyrics, creative video and unique voice propelled Waderai Ka Beta to be one of the most viral videos of 2012. The comedian announced in a tweet that he will get married after Eid!

After deriving fame from the Waderai Ka Beta song, Ali rose to national fame and also hosted a comedy show on a local news channel. He released a couple of songs after Waderai Ka Beta, which received positive views but did not receive the overwhelming response that Waderai Ka Beta had received.
Ali’s song Taroo Maroo was a satirical take on the habit of staring, which is quite common in Pakistan.

Yet another of his songs poked fun at Pakistan’s VIP personnel and their abusive use of protocol.
Though much has to be revealed about the bride-to-be, we hope to uncover some details regarding the ‘Saeen Wedding’ pretty soon!

Ali Gul Pir Wedding / Marriage Picture Photos


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